Completing a Large Backyard Project

Completing a Large Backyard Project

Renovating your home in Haddon Township, NJ, can be an exciting prospect. However, you may not yet have considered all your options — backyards are commonly overlooked as a renovation project, but the benefits can be as rewarding as any other. Infrastructure for large-scale games or other fitness and recreational activities can transform your lifestyle at home. 

Explore New Ideas

If you or your family members play sports, you may opt for a basketball court or a tennis court. If you enjoy aquatic activities, you could build a wave pool or a large water slide. Dog lovers might want to build an obstacle course or playground for their pups. You could even install a climbing wall or aerobic obstacle course if you're looking for a challenge. In any case, it’s important to build something that will see a lot of use so it isn’t a waste of time or money. 

Assess the Possibilities

Before starting a large backyard project, you should have a solid plan in mind. The size of your backyard in Haddon Township will obviously have a large impact on what can be installed, but you should also consider what the weather is usually like, whether your new installation will affect the neighbors, and whether there are any covenants or laws in your neighborhood which might affect your project. Once you have something in mind, it’s a good idea to do a size comparison and, perhaps, get a professional inspection to make sure that a potential installation is possible as well as safe.

Get an Estimate

Consult with a contractor to see how much your idea will cost. It’s a good idea to have more than one project in mind so you can compare the cost and make a decision based on your price range and level of interest. You may also be able to choose different features or eliminate unneeded extras to save time and money.

Light for Longevity

Without proper lighting, you’ll only be able to use your installation during the day. Set up a complete lighting scheme to get more use out of your backyard and reduce the risk of injuries. You can view examples of ideal LED lighting for stadiums to get an idea of how it should be arranged in your own backyard. Professional sports arenas and entertainment venues also offer good examples of lighting techniques and equipment.

Remove Stumps

Before setting up your backyard attraction, keep in mind that you may have to remove obstacles. Dead trees, tree stumps are big jobs, and the cost varies based on the factors involved in your situation. Removing a larger stump costs more, and if roots must be removed, that’s typically an additional fee. Where you are, where the stump is, and the technique required to remove it all impact the final price as well.

Get Excited, Not Overwhelmed

With adequate planning, sufficient space, and enthusiasm, you can transform your backyard into the at-home oasis you’ve always dreamed of. Remember to install an ample number of lights and remove tree stumps for safety and to maximize usability. If you’re searching for a home in Haddon Township, NJ, or anywhere else in the state, consult The Property Exchange Group for help.


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